How to Win Friends and Influence People (on Facebook News Feeds)

The Facebook News Feed can seem like a mysterious place. Why do you see the posts, pictures, and videos that you see? And how can you make sure that consumers are seeing your business’s posts on Facebook? In this blog post, we’ll explore some key facts about News Feeds and how you can use that information to better tailor your Facebook marketing strategy.

The News Feed is Facebook’s most prominent feature, and acts as a hub for the content your followers see and engage with every day. Its algorithm encourages engaging content, especially engaging links and videos, which outperform any other content type on the News Feed.

So, what does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, it gives you some insight into what’s competing for your customer’s attention in their News Feeds. It also gives you some perspective into what users are routinely engaging with.

By tailoring your Facebook strategy and prioritizing these three tips below, you’ll be in the hearts and Facebook News Feed of your customers in no time.

Take Advantage of Videos

Videos perform well in the News Feed: they’re highly shareable, visually appealing, and can generate a lot of engagement. A well performing video will generate likes, shares, comments, and hook your audience in well beyond the first few seconds of playtime.

Because Facebook prioritizes engaging content and takes into account how long users are engaging with a post, videos are a great option for increasing engagement and standing out in the News Feed.

Diversify Your Posts

When you’re creating content for your Facebook page, think about what people are seeing on their News Feed and how you can make your posts stand out. Because videos and links generally outperform other types of content on Facebook, it’s important to incorporate videos, as we discussed, and links into your posting strategy.

You can post links to relevant or reputable sources as it relates to your business. By posting helpful and relevant information while breaking up the photos and videos you regularly post, you are implicitly associating yourself (and your brand’s integrity) with other well-established businesses and content creators while offering value to your own audience.

Advertise on the News Feed

One of the best ways to ensure your posts will appear on News Feed is to regularly boost and advertise on Facebook. Business pages reach around 16% of their fans organically, but through Facebook Advertising, you can reach a larger percentage of your existing fans, target new audiences, and drive specific actions like website visits or calls.

With Facebook Advertising, you can build a campaign specific to your goals and create ads relevant to your target audience. These campaigns should have engaging creative, targeted messages, and actionable calls to action. You also have the option to test your ideas and audiences to gradually refine them and improve your return on investment.

By implementing a paid and organic strategy on Facebook, you can make your business highly visible on Facebook’s News Feed by appealing to more users, testing which posts work best for your business, and targeting a wider number of people to reach your specific business goals.

To learn how we can help you get your business on the News Feed, or create compelling video content, contact us today.

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